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About Deviance

Our first kill on the Serpent

Who we are:

Awesome people! Second in WORLD to take down the Mantikora, THEN the Serpent as well!

In all seriousness though.. .Deviance is a guild of unique individuals who strive for Guild success both in PvP and end game PvE avenues. Our guild is for adults only due to the tone of not only the language but the level of the game play. Here we will strive for excellence, while being outside the norm as our name implies. Not only are we outside the norm but we embrace those who think outside the box, while being the best of their class. 

We want to get to know you, see where you are at in your game, and keep things personal. Please do not be discouraged by our application. If an application is filled out fully you will gain a week trial period and in most cases will be accepted into the guild. We just want to make sure you are a good fit here, and will have fun in our groups :) As long as your friendly and active you will be accepted. However, not everyone will be on raid teams, you have to show improvement/dedication to keeping up with best builds etc. 

Current Sub Goals for Guild:
-To get members the Alliance points they need for gear/titles/etc.
-To assist all members to Veteran level 14 and to get people familiar with trials and new builds.
-To prepare for end game PvE in Craiglorn by completing Dungeons in groups in order to familiarize ourselves with each others playing styles.
-Run completion runs of trials in order to prepare people for upcoming content and better organize PvP.

Current Main Goals for Guild:

-To get dedicated members for speed run groups

-To get said group on top 10 on all time AA boards, and maintain in the top ten for Hel ra. 

-To continue to get hard mode trials down for both Hell ra and AA. 

-To begin PvP guild groups

-Get a second raid group going, to get people geared for both normal and hard modes. 

-Continue to get people on the Serpent boards, as well as the Dragon Star Arena Boards

-Start a second core group to run Serpent on at least a bi weekly basis. 

What we are looking for:
It is preferrable that you be vet rank ten or above before applying. The exceptions are of course if you come in with a reference from a current member, or are invited due to us seeing your skills first hand. If you however are a player who will work and take advise in order to get leveled and to best build your class for end game this can be relaxed. However without references those who have their main without Vet rank 10 will not be considered unless you have proven yourself in trials with the group via finding yourself in one of our trials. 
So basicaly...We are looking for players who are serious PvPers, and interested in end game content to keep it short. Know your class, or at least be willing to learn. We have a good many knowledgeable players, and we can all learn from one another. 

While Deviance accepts others are in multiple guilds, we hope to gain some members who use this as their Primary guild.
Team speak is required (voice program). You must use this on a regular basis in general and always for group PvP and Trials. The better you get to know your fellow guild mates the better off the group will be. 
All members are expected to be respectful to one another. Teasing and fun is acceptable, cursing is also acceptable during raids and you know.. when we die and such, which will happen. However, there is a time and place for jokes and a time to listen to directions. When you are asked to clear coms, or clear mics for instructions, it is expected you do so.  
Guild Bank access is given to members after a trial period in the guild. If you abuse this privilege it will be taken away. Take only what you need, split the stack and return the rest. If high grade mats, and you need a large amount, please consult an officer. 

For trials members must be considerate. If you are totally smashed or you know you have to go soon, please sit out. Especially important for speed runs or hard mode (serious runs.)

No one under 18 can currently join Deviance without special permission.

IN TRIALS DEVIANCE DOES NOT CONDONE SKIPPING BOSSES. Meaning if you do so you will be subject to be removed from guild. This is a moral stand because to get the best times by skipping mobs is one thing but by skipping the whole trial is considered in our opinion cheap. 

Both PvE and PvP builds will be scrutinized in Deviance. If you wish to run with us, be prepared to change both PvE and PvP builds in accordance to the officers. Failure to do this will result in removal from the guild. You are not required to run with Deviance in both PvE and PvP, however, if you come into one of our groups you are then recognizing that you will be expected to run what we have tested and proven are superior builds. 

While we do not require this to be your main guild, if you sign up for a run, DO NOT leave the run group for another group without at least one run notice. AS IN "This will be my last run." So we have time to grab people to replace you. Leaving for real life is one thing, leaving for another group without any notice is not acceptable. 


Guild Leader: Obvious, had a weighted vote in deciding matters, and can veto suggestions without a vote.

Second in Command: The person who has the vote of the GM in council decisions.This person is on the guild council as well, but in the absence of the GM has this extra job. 

Guild Council: Those who vote of big decisions of the guild. Guild leaders vote counts as two. Can also do the job of the Guild and Class officers if need be.

Guild Officer: Those able to deal with conflicts, and promote you if Class officers aren't availalbe.

Class Officer: Those quified to help you with your builds and able to promote you to raid ready.

Officer And Raid/PvP Leaders: Officers of the Guild, Officers are class officers (those who approve PvE builds) and Raid/PvP leaders approve PvP builds. Both are to be treated with respect, and have the authority to remove players from the guild. 

Deviant RR: Senior Member (has guild withdrawl access) who is raid ready (meaning the guild concil feels they are at an optimal build and are in all ways ready for even serpent)

Deviant: Casual Member (has guild withdrawl access) who is either a causal player or not completely raid ready.

Member RR: Same as Deviant RR but does not have withdrawl access. 

Member: Same as Deviant but does not have withdrawl access.

Trial: Person who is still in their trial period and is not yet a full member in the guild. The way to get past this stage is to participate, be active, get to know people. Very simple. 
*Trial rank will be unchanged if we do not see activity in scheduled guild events and within two weeks of inactivity, you may be removed from Deviance.

RR = Raid Ready (Must be active in Deviance Trials recently and the Class Leaders have seen consistent posting of your dps and mechanics)

*How to get promoted to Raid Ready rank, we look for players with the ambition to learn and get better. Instead of taking someone who is already a decent player now, we believe it is better in the long run to have someone that is always striving to be the best they can be, which means asking questions and communicating with the Class Leaders. Once we see the player showing a great improvement and is able to compete with the Class Leader, is able to follow commands, and has developed great Team Synergy, that is when they are raid-ready.


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